Ring-Set - Sunny Spring

Set aus zwei süßen Ringen in hübscher Geschenkschachtel verpackt

Design: Global Affairs
Größe: verstellbar
Material: Metall beschichtet

Rockahula Kids is a boutique accessory brand for kids that is a little bit different – bright, beautiful, and appealing to both children and parents alike. We only design accessories, so all our love, creativity and attention to detail gets poured into our little products! Our range for girls and boys includes hair accessories, jewellery, bags, purses, and seasonal products such as sunglasses and winter hats and scarves. Whether you are looking for a glitter clip, an awesome bag or some snazzy jewellery, we hope you find something to love in our collection!

Kategorien: Accessoires, Neu, Spielen, Spielzeug

Merkmale/Tags: Biene, Ring, Sonne

Type/Produktart: Ringe

Hersteller: Global Affairs

4,60 € - Bald wieder da

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